L.A. developers accused of stealing millions in affordable-housing scheme

L.A. developers accused of stealing millions in affordable-housing scheme


A federal grand jury has indicted four employees of developer Advanced Development and Investment Inc. on fraud charges. ……                                           David Zahniser and Shashank Bengali Contact Reporters

Comment below is by Addie M. Miller:
The rich are robbing the low income people and senior citizens in the city of Los Angeles, while accepting Millions $$$ of dollars from the government with a promise to build affordable housing.

Yet, they defrauded the government with promises that they will help low income people with affordable housing.

I firmly believe, this is why the City of Los Angeles, California is the Homelessness capital of the United States.

There are many Federal agencies under the umbrella of the President’s cabinet, that the next president must have credentials as to how the federal government is operating.

Jeb Bush is the third generation of U.S. Presidents he would have the experience, knowledge and guidance to have the many federal agencies to do their job.

‘Ole saying goes’ self-willed runs wild’, being if there is no monitoring and supervision, employees do what they want to do.

We the people of the United States need a President who knows their federal agencies and how they are to operate, that being without outside private interference or by some employee(s) who bullies himself/herself to be boss.