Who Is Responsible for Human Beings of the city of Los Angeles, including Porter Ranch, CITY OF LOS ANGELES


Opinion County or city: Who is responsible for dealing with L.A. homelessness?

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro and Los County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich meet in October last year to discuss homelessness.  (Los Angeles Times)


Comment from: Addie M. Miller,

There are hundreds of human beings living on the streets just 10 blocks east of City Hall of the City of Los Angeles.CA. Yet, the current mayor Garcetti can sponsor lavish out door entertainment and concerts across the street from City Hall with high profile millionaire rap singers. To me this mayor is not mature enough to care for the human beings of the City of Los Angeles.

In my opinion it like having a kid or should I say it like a boy who adores Hollywood, that runs the city. And if he does not get his way it is almost like dealing with a bully!

Enough of the role playing being responsible for human beings as an elected official is not a script in a Hollywood movie. People are tired of these types of elected officials purchasing an elected office by raising enormous large sums of money to purchase an elected office. Who or what corporations gave money to purchase the mayor seat?