Corruption, Elder Abuse and Tenant Endangerment

Addie M. Miller seriously THINKS,

“A.R.M. Management Group, Inc., Anwar Markos/’Mark’”; the Administrator Mrs. Janet Echols; Mr. Echols; Mr. Dean Nestell; Mr. Leo the Maintenance helper for Progressive Homes   


For making an Environmental Health complaint against their property.

Progressive Homes has 141 rental units in the County of Los Angeles and City of Los Angeles and was built approximately in the late 1970’s located one block west of Figueroa Street and ½ block north of Florence Ave., at 7010 south Denver Ave, Los Angeles a 6 story building.

I moved into a unit 4/1/2016 and as I was throwing away my boxes a couple of tenants asked for my boxes, I ask them why? They replied that (the tenants) had to spray their own apartments for ROACHES. I asked the tenants “does the manager spray for Roaches? The tenants replied “NO”.

Late that evening I went into my bathroom on 4/1/2016 and noticed a considerable amount of ROACHES crawling. On Monday April 4, 2016 I personally went to Mr. Dean Nestell, who was hire by Janet Echols, to inform him of the ROACH problem in my unit and he stated, “he gives the tenants a 5” x 7” glued strip” and he laugh. I placed the glued strip in the corner and the ROACHES walked over the strip.

The ROACHES were so enormous and management ignored my request, until I thought I would try to take care of the problem so I visited a store and ask want can I purchase to eliminate the ROACHES, the salesperson recommended gel.

The gel worked for a couple of days, then ROACHES returned. I also noticed when I would walk in the hall the ROACHES were also walking in the new remodeled hallway.

I found it necessary to visit the Housing Rights counselor and was instructed to call County of Los Angeles Environmental Health and to put everything in writing to the management. I followed the counselor advise and from that time on when I began write the Management they began to treat me harshly.

On, April 26, 2016, my letter to Progressive Home in care of the Management to inform them
The apartment needs to be free of vermin ‘cockroaches’ and dried roach feces.

On, April 29, 2016 letter stating the manager Mark of A.R.M. Management Group personally stated on April 28, 2016 that the maintenance man Mr. LEO would come to my rental unit 4/29/2016. Mr. Leo arrived at approximately 9:20 a.m.

Mr. Leo was hostile towards me and as I was sitting in the living room before he was about to exit he walked towards me as I was sitting, holding a very shiny sharp blade in his hand, I asked Mr. Leo what was that in his hand he replied it’s his razor.

On May 18, 2016 my lock was changed and as I tried to continue to use the key the security man told the office that Ms. Miller key won’t work. I management exited out of the office and handed me another key without an explanation as to why my key was changed.



In my opinion this type of management “Progressive Homes” a Senior Citizens building is downright dirty, low down, full of tricks.

Mr. LEO the Maintenance Help drives a small white older model Pickup Truck CA License plate number 7768412

Mr. MARK the manager of A.R.M. Management Group, Inc., drives a late model large Pick Up Truck CA License plate number 7F80219

It would not surprise me that Progressive Homes located 7010 south Denver Ave., Los Angeles CA 90044, “”HAS CONCEALED CRAWL SPACES/HIDDEN HALLWAYS IN THE SENIOR CITIZENS UNITS, TO MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR THE Maintenance Helper and possibly undocumented employees to enter into the Senior Citizen units without entering the front door of a unit, to COMMIT WRONGDOINGS in the Senior Citizens unit””.

Conducted by the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health.
Real Estate owner and management company have no respect for Senior Citizens.

Senior Citizens are the PATHFINDERS and PIONEERS of the United States of America!
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