Disney’s liability, prior knowledge questioned

The Walt Disney Co. could face a stiff legal fight following the alligator attack at its resort in Orlando last week. “Their exposure is phenomenal,” says Dan Cytryn, a trial lawyer at Cytryn & Vel…

Source: Disney’s liability, prior knowledge questioned

Addie M. Miller’s opinion, Walt Disney Company did not use “COMMON SENSE ” for not to display signs “ALLIGATORS”,  and ignoring that Walt Disney Company consumers are kids for decades!  What in the HELL was Walt Disney Company thinking about to not make their customers aware of live ALLIGATORS on the premises!!

June 19, 2016

HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY To Matt Graves the father whose 2 year old son Lane Graves was tragedy killed by an Alligator at Walt Disney Resort on June 16 , 2016.

Let us all unselfishly keep the little boy’s family in our Prayers.

Also, Happy Fathers’ Day to all the Men of the entire WORLD and those who have lost their children.

I ask an important question. Does this article mean Walt Disney’s Company liability is questioned?

 In my opinion Walt Disney Company is “ABOVE THE LAW ONCE AGAIN!”  To me it looks like China and California must be careful with doing business with the Walt Disney Company.

In my opinion Walt Disney Co. did not use “COMMON SENSE” to display signs “ALLIGATORS”, consumers are kids!

Sincerely Addie M.Miller