Congratulations President (elect) Donald J. Trump

Congratulations President (elect) Donald J. TrumpAddie M. Miller

 I believe you Donal J. Trump, captured the people who suffered an injustice, like many of us have. You will reweave the old fabric of the United States of America to make it new again as to what the fore fathers of this country wanted the United States of America to be and took their time to write, that being “The Constitution of the United States” the Paramount Law of this great and beautiful country of ours.
It also saddens me that you were treated so cruelly when you were running for the Office of President of the United States and the very so call nice people acted with so much hatred, There is a GOD and he rewards openly, just has GOD has rewarded you openly. I look forward to working with you.   My Best Regards to you President elect Donald Trump.

Sincerely, Addie M. Miller

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