Senior Citizens Victims of Terrorism

23 mins ·

NBC Los Angeles

·Are the citizens seniors 55 years or older of the United States of America,” becoming helpless Victims of Homeland TERRORISM?

What is going on and being allowed against a consumer (renter)?
Are these property management companies giving orders to their hired employees such as maintenance men/electrical workers to commit felonies by torturing, tormenting and stealing from the renters, to force the renter to move?
If, for the sake of property and power, I believe an owner, property management company and it employees who endangers another human being life, should be punished with the full instinct of the of LAW.
When I become Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States under no circumstances will I allow anyone doing business in the U.S. “that Harms and Terrorizes and Bullies there consumers (that being renters)”, will never be allowed to do business on United States of America soil, again.
Politicians depend on voters who are 55 years and older and since this is a fact politicians and the agencies they control must not allow these TERRORISTS Take Advantage Of Our CITIZENS.

Once, too often look at what is going on in other foreign Countries, when we have enormous Homeland Terrorism in on own country the United States of America.

Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Koretz upped the ante Tuesday in his fight to stop more than 150 disabled residents of a Westwood senior apartment complex from being evicted.