Addie M. Miller autobiography


Native Citizen of the United States, who wants to see the very best for the people of the United States. Non-Partisan (I am not affiliated with any political party) this allows me the ‘freedom of choice’. I attended L.A.’s local schools and a recipient Honorary Doctorate Degree of Humanities.

I care very much about people and I have the ability to fully understand another’s feelings and experiences. I am more than willing to protect and serve all constituents.


I will have a first-rate rapport with Washington D.C. and Sacramento. I am competent and qualified to achieve this whether the help will be for (Businesses, Public Safety, Development (residential/commercial) or whatever the cause may be, I accept as true, that I can do it!

As an advocate and citizen of the United States there is many services I have performed and accomplished by helping people throughout the years. My lines of service for people are being an exceedingly active speaker, lecturer and have supported many endeavours.

I have been told that my burst of eloquence have influenced and helped many people over the years, of all ages, gender, religions and regardless of race, creeds or colors.

I received from the following; numerous commemorations for my writings and service from:

The Department of Juvenile Justice, Washington D.C.

California Department of Health and Human Services

Los Angeles County Department of Children Services

Los Angeles County Juvenile Probation Department

Former Superintendent of Los Angeles Unified School District

Los Angeles County elected officials

State of California elected officials


Federal elected Officials, including (Former First Lady of the United States Mrs. Barbara Bush)

  • I have given of myself, services and speeches to: The following is a Partial List
  • University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Invited by student body to speak re: their protest of CA Broad of Regents
  • San Fernando Valley Interfaith Council
  • Children’s Hospital Of Los Angeles Youth Program
  • Em Habanim-Stop The Violence And Hate
  • Time Warner Communications
  • YMCA Health Wellness and Aquatics Centers
  • San Fernando Valley NAACP and Hollywood/Beverly Hills NAACP
  • A.A.R.P.
  • KPCC 89.3 FM Radio
  • National Council Of Negro Women (NCNW)
  • Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors (re: Proposition 21) children
  • Los Angeles Police Department Clergy Council Member (Retired)
  • Filipino W.W.II Veterans Equity Rights
  • Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice
  • Dept. Of Rehabilitation Community Outreach
  • Congress of Racial Equality of California
  • Peace and Unity Federation For World Peace
  • 80-20 initiative (Former Broad Member of LA80/20)
  • The League Of Women Voters

  • International WHO’s WHO Historical Society.
  • I cannot measure how much I have done or how little. The facts are I have given of myself to the people to the best of my ability, by sharing those things that I have been taught and that being a ‘positive way of living’. I always keep in mind that the “eyes are the window to the soul” and language is no barrier to me to understand ones feelings.
  • My hobbies I significantly enjoy are the following: Reading; Writing; Taking photos of People & Places with my Camera; Walking/Jogging; Aqua Aerobics; Art ( oil and water color paintings, statues and historical monuments, I often wonder what was going through the Aritist(s)’ mind when he or she was creating their art piece; and I most of all enjoy Touring that consists of (talking and meeting and seeing people, places and things) people are so very intriguing to me and I adore them.
  • My distinquished philsophy is: I am a breathing in and out living organism, I was born of love, I was born to a union of two people, and I am a child of the Creator and I am a member of the Universe.  Thank you.