Mayor Tom Bradley, was my Mentor, Adviser and Friend

Addie M. Miller

July 17, 2014 · 

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Mayor Tom Bradley, was my Mentor, Adviser and Friend. His advise to me, “Give the people of all Cultures their needs for a better Whole Class City”

TOM BRADLEY 38th Mayor of Los Angeles, serving from 1973 to 1993 (20 years). He was my mentor, adviser and friend.
Addie M. Miller was a Scout for Mayor Tom Bradley for the betterment of City of Los Angeles.
(5). an act or instance of reconnoitering, inspecting, observing, etc.
Now the City of Los Angeles is filthy, polluted, massive crack sidewalks, pot holes throughout the city of Los Angeles “until if you drive a vehicle you may have to get the shock on your vehicle repair regularly”, cover up of contaminated soil with clean soil then the contaminated soil comes back after a rain.
Before Tom Bradley became the 38th MAYOR of the City of Los Angeles, he was a Police Officer for the Los Angeles Police Department and he was known for Walking and strolling through the streets of Los Angeles
During his service as a Police Officer he personally seen the turmoil and what the City was in need of. That’s when he decided to become Mayor and the Chief Executive Officer of Los Angeles and make Los Angeles a WORLD Class City.
In my opinion Tom Bradley was not a lavish person dressing in a suit a tie everyday and driving stylish automobiles.
Tom Bradley was a grass root public servant (LAPD Officer) and seen what the City of Los Angeles needed. Maybe that is why the Airport is name after him. Police officers sees all and knows the people in the City. Tom Bradley patrolled the City of Los Angeles “walking” when he was a Police Officer for the LAPD!!
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