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I, Addie M. Miller as Justice of the Supreme Court Of The United States will stop these wolves dressed in sheep clothing taking advantage of the people by manipulation.

2 Years Ago See Your Memories

TREASON Committed by the “THE MEDIA ” in 1960 and 2013

This is of National and International Importance
(U.S. military and US citizens living abroad Overseas).

By Addie M. Miller

For over a HALF A CENTURY, THE MEDIA has manipulated the United States America’s voters to see what they want people to see.

This is far beyond injustice, but actual TREASON nationally and internationally by perverting the People’s Will by withholding vital information in the voting process, like the full slate of candidates for any elected office.

For example, someone was born in 1960 they would be 55 years old.

Many never would had imagine the there were 2 other candidates besides Kennedy and Nixon in the 11/08/1960 presidential election which actually had a total of 4 candidates.

Yet the MEDIA controls the airwaves then 1960 and now 2015.

Also, many loyal U.S. men and women serving our country in the military are being deceive by the MEDIA until someone intercedes.

This must stop!

Allowing the CORPORATE CONTROLLED MEDIA to choose who the People know about and who they don’t know are running for elected office is voter manipulation.


For democracy to function properly, the voting public must be fully informed. Manipulation, for the voting population of the United States, controls the country with lies.

In 2013 the MEDIA manipulated the people as to there were 5 mayoral candidates for the City of Los Angeles mayoral election, when in fact it was untrue.

Just like the 1960 presidential election and once again THE MEDIA acted High Treason to the voters who are citizens of the United States of America.
CPD: 1960 Debates


WALKING WITH THE POOR CELEBRATING 200 YEARS OF SERVICE There are all kinds of Poor people.

WHO ARE THE POOR! There are all kinds of Poor people. The Poor is not always about money!
1. The Poor can be someone Poor in Spirit.
2. The Poor can be someone who lacks love in their life.
3. The Poor can be someone who lacks and has no compassion.
4. The Poor may be someone who is rich and Poor in Health. One can be rich, but if their health is bad they are Poor.
5. Someone who has no true good relationships or true friends are Poor.
6. The Poor maybe someone who has no purpose and is walking in life with no purpose.
7. The Poor maybe someone who makes others suffer for Greed and/or Power.
8. The Poor and Poverty is not just about money.
9. The Poor is someone who does not know Christ Jesus.

St. Vincent de Paul WALKING WITH THE POOR CELEBRATING 200 YEARS OF SERVICE; Not for prize”, “not for money” and “not for greed” and certainly not for government money, not for expensive automobiles, high price homes and not to be in the pockets of elected officials who are supposed to serve the people, not just the elected officials’ buddies who they give or/divide money contracts too.

To be some of these elected officials who represent the people are a SHAME BEFORE GOD and needs to be Impeach and prosecuted.

READ the following of what a true example of serving the people for 200 years.

St. Vincent de Paul was a true example to serving the people.

St. Vincent de Paul lived with a passion for the poor.
His passion went well beyond concern for the poor. Vincent encouraged his followers to draw close to the poor.
Live with them. Walk with them every step of the way. In this way, he proclaimed, we meet Christ in them and we are evangelized by them.