Addie M. Miller
Los Angeles, CA

Bio: Addie M. Miller is deeply concerned about United States America and the Constitution of the United States. She dislikes People motives for the greed of money that many people display and these motives for obtaining money, certainly gets in the way of effective national solutions effecting ordinary people!!' Addie M. Miller formerly was an Official and Certified Candidate for Mayor for the City Los of Angeles., California's, election held on 3/ 5/2013. The Media deprived Addie M. Miller by not including her in televised programs with other candidates. The Media omitted and recklessly disregarded Addie M. Miller official/certified candidacy. Addie believes that certain television networks that are considered as People "that being Corporations", were driving the voters to the mayoral candidate of their choice. I ask a question? Was it for money? Were these candidates that they allowed to be televised in the Media "sponsored" televised events given money "Back door deals" or under the table deals? To deprived Addie M. Miller by omitting her. The Media "that being Corporations" are PEOPLE . Addie M. Miller opinion is the Media committed Voter manipulation via air waves & misrepresentation and fraud. The Media wants to CONTROL what the people see and hear and Control government representatives. The Media unconstitutional and unlawful acts was not democracy and violation to the BILL OF RIGHTS. http://digital.library.ucla.edu/websites/2001_997_004/wordsofwisdom.htm http://digital.library.ucla.edu/websites/2005_999_005/archives.htm Articles about Addie Miller - latimes http://articles.latimes.com/keyword/addie-miller

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